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Mind-Body Wellness, llc

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Wellness Goal Consult
Complimentary 30 minute wellness goal consult in person or over the phone. *New clients please schedule a consult prior to any services. Thank you.

Health Coaching Program

Premier Client Wellness Session (2-part Intake) - $275
This is a detailed two-part appointment. The first appointment is a detailed collection of your entire history. I will take all of your information and create a plan specific to your needs. The second appointment will be a comprehensive overview of the steps to get you moving forward on your journey to health. You also get to experience your choice of a free biofeedback, Emotion Code, or HeartMath session!

AO Scan

Full AO Scan
Inner Voice


Initial Biofeedback Session - $175
Initial Biofeedback sessions are two separate appointments. Your first appointment will include a thorough 60 min. overview and discussion of your history. We will gather all the information necessary to move forward in a manner that supports your whole being.

Your second appointment will be 90 mins. and includes a biofeedback session, HRV, and coherence assessment along with HeartMath techniques to use at home for enhanced nervous system regulation.
Maintenance Biofeedback Session - $75
60 minute biofeedback session
Extended Maintenance Biofeedback Session - $90
Extended 90 min biofeedback session
Mini Biofeedback Session - $45 (call for appointment)
30 minute biofeedback session

Emotion Code/Body Code

Emotion Code - $75
One hour emotion code session
Emotion Code/Biofeedback Combo - $90
Experience Emotion Code followed by soothing stress-reducing quantum biofeedback. A truly profound and balancing experience.
Emotion Code (reduced) - $45 (call for appointment)
30 min emotion code session


HeartMath Assessment
Complimentary HeartMath assessment. Discover your heart rate variability and coherence. An excellent assessment of nervous system health.
Initial HeartMath Session - $75
Stress assessment test review as well as foundational exercises and practice of HeartMath techniques.
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